The “EU YouTH Website ( and Youth Issues” article discusses our website’s objectives and content. We are a youth organisation in Germany – L4Y Learning For Youth GmbH. And trying to do our best to create a youth as demanded by the European Union. Also, check Erasmus+ Project Writing: A Guide for Beginners article. Here is the content;


EU YouTH Website: Why We Found This Web Site?

Firstly, we believe in Copenhagen’s criteria. Check the below quotation.

Membership requires that the candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect for and protection of minorities, the existence of a functioning market economy, as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union. Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership, including adherence to the aims of political, economic, and monetary union.


Secondly, the EU Values. Check the quotation.

The European Union’s fundamental values are respected for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law. These values unite all the member states – no country that does not recognize these values can belong to the Union.

The main goal of the European Union is to defend these values in Europe. And promoting peace and the wellbeing of the citizens. For its part, the European Parliament seeks to ensure that these values are realized in the EU legislation.

The EU member states are pluralistic. Nobody may be discriminated against; instead, people and government representatives must respect others and be tolerant. Everybody must be treated fairly. Minority rights must be respected. Equality between men and men is promoted. Responsibility must be shared.

The European Union works for social equality. It develops social security and tries to protect the weakest. It seeks to prevent social exclusion and discrimination.

EU Parliament

Thirdly, to provide young people with skills that will ease their entry into the labour market.
And finally, to raise their awareness of emerging technologies that will ignite their entrepreneurial spirits.
In short, we want to transfer our 12 years of experience in Erasmus+ to young people through this site.

The Topics We Focus On

  • EU Youth projects (detailed information below)
  • Skills that will ease the job of young people in entering the labour market
  • Teamwork. 
  • Learning Efficiency. 
  • Besides, SEO is a skill that every young person should know. 
  • We will soon start writing blog posts related to emerging technologies. Especially the blockchain. These technologies will open new horizons in front of them.

EU Youth Website: Projects

The European Union has significant opportunities for young people. You can prepare a youth project related to your local problem. And offer it to your country’s National Agency. Meanwhile, if accepted, the National Agency will send your grant to your account (personal if you are an informal youth group or organisation account if you are an organisation.) The budget will differ according to;

  • The number of people involved in your project.
  • The number of activity days.
  • The transportation budget (varies according to the distance from the participating country’s place to the activity place.)

You will spend this grant on your participants’ accommodation/food, education, and local transportation. However, the remaining amount after these expenses is yours. Moreover, you have the opportunity to do this without any organisation. In conclusion, the EU aims to foster more actors to work in the youth field. In addition to the massive amount of earnings for a young person, the learning you get from the project will increase your chance of entering the labour market enormously more than your peers. However, Financial gain pales compared to the value of the skills you will learn.

Meanwhile, what does writing EU Youth Projects offer to you? As a result, what is your benefit? Please take a look at our Udemy course ad scenario to find it out.

Ad Scenario: You cannot change anything by doing nothing.

Although the new term Erasmus+ 2021-2027 Program Guide is not ready yet. But, we know its budget already. This program is Europe’s most prominent investment. And they are so satisfied that they doubled the budget (from 14.7 billion to 30 billion euros compared to the previous period)

Above all, this topic deserves a separate article. Let’s answer the FAQ.


What is a project?

A project is; All activities you do to solve or heal a problem around you. It has a specific duration, budget, and human resources.

Who can receive a grant from the EU?

By taking advantage of the EU’s opportunity for young people:
– you can give yourself a name.
– set up a youth group.
– register in the EU database (get an ECAS account),
– and be entitled to receive a grant without any organisational obligations.

How can I learn how to write a project?

Erasmus+ Grant Writing – A Complete Course for beginners

What is the amount of grant I will receive?

For example, you receive a grant of 17.000 – 20.000 Euros.

What benefits does this grant bring to me?

The remaining amount is yours for education, food, accommodation, and local transportation. Besides, you improve human resources, budget management, communication, and organisational skills.

Why the EU supports young people that much

The EU aims to create an educated society that lives in peace, respects each other’s rights, and prevents radicalism.

What do EU values bring to your country?

It allows us to focus our energy on critical issues by transforming into a more liberal, democratic, respectful society. Meanwhile, the EU itself holds the most prominent marketplace in member exports. In conclusion, a country that meets the EU’s criteria means being a more decadent, happier, more respectful, and peaceful society.

Objectives and priorities of Erasmus+

You should meet the funder’s objectives and priorities to get a grant. Societies are gradually being transformed through young people in these projects. Local society’s value judgments change with the young people. The new generation gets used to a more harmonious society in the EU.

What is the purpose of the EU in the final analysis?

To create positive change in Europe.

Youth Issues

Meanwhile, we desire young people to write blogs on this site in the mid and long term. These blog posts may be in our focus areas or on youth issues. Also, you need to have;
– sharing our ideas,
– a desire to contribute,
– and skills in writing articles.

Shortly, write EU YouTH in the subject section of the email by including,
– an article of you.
– contact information.
– a CV.
and send to

EU YouTH Website: Conclusion

In conclusion, on this site, you will find; 

  • Firstly, information/experiences on EU Erasmus+ YouTH projects, 
  • Secondly, tips on how to propose a project, 
  • Thirdly, various project ideas, 
  • Finally, tips on the preparation and implementation phase of a project.

Besides, there will be articles on teamwork, learning efficiency, and developing technologies.

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